Texas man with burn injury wants employer to pay

People who hold industrial jobs are often exposed to potentially hazardous conditions and, therefore, the businesses and supervisors who employ them are held to a high standard of safety. One Texas man who has suffered a horrendous burn injury is seeking to hold his employer and manager responsible. He has filed a civil suit to demand payment of his medical bills and other compensation.

The man has sustained burns to more than half of his body as well as suffering respiratory damages and several fractures when a reactor in his work area caught fire. He has alleged that the company was aware that there was an issue with an unusual smell associated with the inactive reactor before the fire occurred. He further alleges that in spite of knowledge of a potential danger, workers were told to conduct their duties in the area.

The man was reportedly descending staging that went alongside the inactive reactor. When the fire ignited, he was then apparently completely overwhelmed with fiery air and was thrown from the staging several feet to the ground. The fire was said to have been started when chemicals in the reactor mixed with air after the pressure inside became elevated.

This man that has suffered this extensive burn injury may have already filed a workers’ comp claim in order to receive the benefits that are allocated for work-related injuries and illness. However, he has also made use of provisions in Texas laws that allow him to file a civil lawsuit against his employer’s company. He may be able to seek monetary recompense for his injuries and possible future disability. In situations such as this man’s where he believes there was negligence on the part of his supervisors and company that have caused him to be severely injured, he may petition to receive compensation to aid him in his recovery from his injuries and to help provide for his family’s needs while he works to regain what he has lost due to the accident.

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