Early car crash in Texas send 1 to hospital

The early morning hours can be a pleasant time to travel because the amount of traffic is often lighter. However, as two drivers in Texas recently discovered, the early morning hours can lead to a serious car crash the same as times of heavier traffic congestion. The accident involved a semi truck and a van as well as potential driver fatigue.

According to police, the accident was caused when the van, which was being driven by a 20-year-old man, left its lane and strayed over into oncoming traffic. The van then crashed into a tractor trailer being driven by a 58-year-old man. The impact caused the truck to leave the roadway and then proceed to turn over onto its roof. The driver of the truck was trapped inside the cab.

Emergency workers took about 60 minutes to free the truck driver from the wreckage. The man was then flown by helicopter to an area hospital for treatment of his severe injuries. Doctors have apparently reported that the semi driver was receiving intensive care for injuries that were critical in nature. The driver of the smaller vehicle was also taken to a hospital for less serious wounds.

Police have reportedly stated that they believe a contributing cause of the accident was related to the van driver being fatigued, although the accident is still being reviewed. For the man that has received the traumatic injures possibly caused by actions beyond his control, he and his family will have a difficult struggle ahead of them. While no amount of money can undo the harm that has been inflicted, Texas does have provisions that may allow the victims of a car crash to seek monetary compensation. This can help relieve the burden of high costs that are often incurred after a long period of recovery following an accident, not to mention the hardship that loss of wages can bring.

Source: pharostribune.com, “Early morning van-semi crash results in rollover, injuries,” July 7, 2013