Driver Logbook

Commercial truck drivers are required to keep accurate records and logs in a driver logbook of their time on the job that include all of their on-duty and off-duty time over a 24-hour period, including the number of hours the driver was behind the wheel and the number of hours of sleep he or she got before and during the run. Today the utilization of electronic logbooks for truck drivers is becoming more common.

The information contained in these logs becomes critically important in the event that a truck driver causes an accident that results in serious injuries. Truck driver fatigue is a contributing factor to the cause of many truck accidents, and the logbooks are frequently a key component in the process of building the victim’s claim for damages.

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Driver Logbook Investigation

When we investigate a trucking accident, we conduct a thorough review of the driver’s logbooks to determine if there were any hours of service or truck driving hour log recording violations that could have contributed to the accident. When available, we compare the information in the logbooks to the information from the truck’s on-board data recorder. If we find any discrepancies, we will use them to strengthen our client’s case.

In every instance, our primary concern is to secure the necessary compensation to provide for our client’s current and future medical care, time away from work, property damage and any other losses he or she may have suffered in the accident.

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