Types Of Trucks

Truck accident cases are notoriously complex. In fact, many personal injury attorneys are not equipped to handle them effectively. Your lawyer must be willing to invest extensive resources to investigate the case, track down the person or business truly responsible, and take action to hold them accountable.

Each truck accident case is different, and the parties who are ultimately responsible for the accident may be different too. For example, an investigation into the true cause of a semi-truck accident may reveal that the trucking company policies were negligent. An investigation into a delivery truck accident may reveal that the driver was speeding to make a tight delivery schedule.

Our Truck Accident Services Cover All Types

Our Dallas, Texas, law firm handles truck accident lawsuits involving many different types of truck accidents, including:

  • 18-wheeler accidents : These semi-trucks are some of the largest vehicles on the road, but also the most dangerous. The trailer of the truck is often owned by a different business than the cab, which can make these cases complicated because both parties usually join the lawsuit.
  • Box truck accidents : Inexperienced truck drivers often operate box trucks, which are also known as cube trucks, cube vans, box vans or straight trucks. When an inexperienced truck driver is behind the wheel, an otherwise safe vehicle becomes deadly.
  • Concrete truck accidents : Concrete trucks and cement mixers can be especially dangerous because of their heavy weight and large size. Many accidents involving concrete trucks result in rollovers and fatalities.
  • Delivery truck accidents : Delivery trucks are known for causing accidents because their drivers often race the clock, drive while distracted, and operate their vehicles in heavy traffic.
  • Dump truck accidents : Dump trucks and other construction equipment are hazardous, both on the construction site and off. Drivers who fail to use proper caution can cause serious injuries to pedestrians and the drivers of smaller vehicles.
  • Garbage truck accidents : Garbage truck accidents are more common than you might think, especially because the vehicles operate in narrow roadways and alleys. Accidents may involve falling debris and waste, unexpected stops, or mechanical failure.
  • Tanker truck accidents : Tanker truck accidents are especially dangerous because of the toxic or hazardous chemicals potentially involved.

Talk With an Experienced Lawyer After a Truck Accident

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