Texas Animal And Dog Bite Injury Attorneys

Even a seemingly minor dog bite incident can lead to significant complications and expenses. If a dog bite broke the skin, the injured person should get prompt medical attention. A more severe dog bite or animal attack, on the other hand, is typically a traumatic event. After a mild or severe dog bite injury, it is advisable to contact a lawyer early on to learn how to protect your right to claim compensation.

Perhaps you are unsure about the seriousness of your child’s dog bite injury. Get a doctor’s opinion anyway — and ask for a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer. The Law Firm of Ted B. Lyon & Associates in Texas can advise you on how to proceed as you look for compensation for medical bills as well as pain and suffering.

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Helping People Recover From Animal Attacks

If you see this Web page in time to respond immediately after a dog has mauled your child or loved one, we urge you to take photos of the injuries as soon as possible. Pictures of severe injuries can tell a story more graphically than a medical report.

A dog bite injury victim may require plastic surgery, and even with surgery scars and disfigurement may be permanent. Experts say that children and young women stand to lose the most after a disfiguring animal attack. However, dog bite-related expenses and losses can be significant for someone of any age or gender. Medical bills may be substantial, especially when a dog bite causes infection. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is not uncommon in dog bite victims.

Are You Worried About Suing the Dog’s Owner?

Some people hesitate to call an attorney after a dog bite incident when the owner of a dog is a friend or family member. In many cases, there is no reason to worry about damaging a close relationship, since a homeowner’s insurance policy may provide the needed compensation. Your friend or family member will likely be relieved to know that the injured person can receive the best available medical treatment thanks to insurance coverage.

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