Injuries From Failure To Properly Mark Pipeline Locations

Before any kind of excavation project can commence, it is critical that a specialist is brought in to mark underground lines in any area where the digging will take place. The accurate marking of underground lines ensures the safety of the people working on the project and avoids the issues that frequently arise when lines are damaged.

If a contractor fails to request the marking of existing lines or the pipeline company fails to mark the lines in a timely manner or provides inaccurate information, or there was a failure to properly map the pipeline initially, it can create an extremely dangerous situation for workers and anyone else in the vicinity. Nowhere is this truer than in cases involving mismarked pipeline locations.

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Representing Victims In Pipeline Explosion Injury Claims

At The Law Firm of Ted B. Lyon & Associates, our Texas attorneys represent people who have been injured or suffered any kind of loss that occurred due to an oil and gas pipeline explosion. Cases involving unmarked or mismarked pipelines can be extremely complex because there can be a number of different parties who may share in the liability for the accident.

In some cases, the party that installed the pipe may have deviated from the initial plan and not updated the map. In others, the surveyor may have marked the pipelines improperly. Once the excavation begins, the company doing the digging or drilling must take care to avoid pipelines and take precautions to allow for mapping and marking errors.

When you hire our firm, we conduct a thorough investigation to identify the errors that led to the pipeline rupture and who caused them. We work to see that all negligent parties are held accountable and pursue maximum compensation for your losses, including medical care, loss of income and property damage, among others.

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