Dallas Child Injury Lawyer

When an adult suffers a serious injury, doctors have a goal of restoring the person to the condition he or she was in before the accident, as far as that is possible. When a child is injured, however, the goal for restoration can be more complicated. A child has additional stages of growth and development ahead. A treatment plan must take into account possible effects of the injury in the years ahead.

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Injured Children Have Special Medical Needs

Medical treatment and therapy addressing the immediate injuries may not be sufficient for corrections of complications developing as the child grows.

  • For example, scars and disfigurement may be patched up as well as possible immediately after a dog bite or car accident — and then plastic surgeons may also recommend further surgery after puberty or upon the child’s reaching adulthood, for maximum effectiveness.
  • A broken bone is another example of a child injury that can cause complications later on. The immediate fracture may mend, but the child’s growth may be stunted. Only time will tell if that is the case. A child with stunted growth may need additional experimental surgery, prostheses and/or aids such as a brace. Physical therapy and psychological therapy may be recommended over a number of years.
  • If a child suffers a serious injury such as a head injury, he or she may need special education including tutoring for years ahead. In the case of spinal cord injury, parents may be unable to care for the child themselves as he or she grows. Personal care attendants’ services for years to come can be essential, and very expensive.

Lawyer for Child Injury

Whatever the particular injury and whatever age of the child, prompt and detailed legal analysis can provide reassurance and direction. The Law Firm of Ted B. Lyon & Associates has helped many families move forward with needed compensation after children have been hurt in car accidents, fall injuries, swimming pool accidents and animal attacks. The sooner you contact a lawyer after your child is injured in Texas or elsewhere, the greater chances your child will have of recovering maximum available compensation.

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