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Operating a vehicle in heavy traffic is difficult enough without distractions that draw your attention away from the road ahead of you. Nevertheless, drivers are eating their breakfast, texting or using a cell phone, reading the paper, applying makeup and other tasks that were never intended to take place behind the wheel.

Problems arise when these distracted drivers take their eyes off the road for too long and cause accidents that result in serious injuries to innocent people. In these situations, injury victims have the right to be fully compensated for the losses they suffer because of the negligent driver’s careless behavior. If you or someone you care about has been injured in a distracted driving accident, a lawyer can help to ensure that your rights are protected.

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At our law firm, we are committed to obtaining compensation for people who have been injured at the hands of another. Insurance companies want to settle your case as quickly as possible — before you have the benefit of knowing the full value of your claim or the full cost of your current and future medical care. We conduct a thorough investigation and pursue compensation that is sufficient to accommodate your recovery.

We understand how overwhelming it can be to deal with insurance company representatives who have no concern for your interests and only work to protect their own. You can rely on us to be there with you at every step, constantly working to secure the most favorable possible outcome on your behalf.

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