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Survey: calls from work can lead to being a distracted driver

Texans who are in a car crash should be cognizant of the variety of reasons that could have been the cause. Because a car accident can lead to significant medical expenses, lost time at work, major issues for the injured person and his or her family, it is vital to understand the cause of the accident. For example, some accidents come about because of a driver who was under the influence. It can also happen because a driver was distracted. There are numerous ways in which a driver can be distracted with the litany of devices and items that are available. As recent studies have shown, other combinations of aspects can contribute to being a distracted driver.

Researchers are regularly trying to determine why drivers take their attention away from the road to focus on other things and become a distracted driver. A survey of drivers in the South -- including Texas -- by Travelers says that peoples' jobs are having an impact on them paying attention to the road when driving. According to the study, close to half of those who responded said they replied to various forms of contact from work when they were driving. 28 percent of Southerners who replied stated that their boss had texted or called them despite the employee being behind the wheel.

Your injury risks as a worker in Texas

As a worker in Texas, you face many risks of on-the-job injury, with higher or lower incidences of injury based largely on the industry you work in. Understanding the most common risks Texas workers face can help you understand the facts should you experience an injury on the job.

Following is some information about high-risk injuries as well as a few of the more common types of job-based injuries Texas workers experience. See how your industry matches up, and how you can inform yourself to minimize your risk of injury at work.

Product recall of fire extinguisher affects 38 million units

Texans are vigilant about safety and take precautions. Part of that revolves around household items, such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Most people do not think for one second that these products themselves might be faulty and fail when they are needed. Unfortunately, it happens, and people can suffer injury and death as a result. This makes these items a dangerous product and can be the basis for a product liability lawsuit.

A widespread recall of fire extinguishers is underway. These products, manufactured by Kidde, were recalled because of several reported issues including clogging and needing extra force to discharge. They can also fail to work when there is a fire. The nozzle can detach and create an impact risk. A person is believed to have died in 2014 when there was a car fire. Emergency personnel could not get the fire extinguisher to work. So far, there have been close to 400 reports of the fire extinguishers failing to work. 16 people were injured and there were 91 reports that property had been damaged. The recall of 37.8 million of these fire extinguishers covers 134 models that were made as recently as August 2017 and as far back as January 1973.

Common causes of premises liability cases

Premises liability entails holding property owners legally accountable for accidents and injuries that happen on their premises due to their negligence. While many of these instances are slips and falls, premises liability covers a wide array of incidents. Knowing what they are can help you recognize when you have a case.

You may be able to seek financial compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income and permanent disability. Speak to a personal injury attorney to review your options if you experience any of the following types of premises liability.

Rear-end car crash kills woman, other driver flees

Texas drivers might take all the necessary precautions to make certain they are safe and still be involved in a car crash. What can make these car accidents worse is if one of the people involved decides to flee the scene before checking to see if the other driver and passengers are safe, administering aid and calling for help if necessary. When there is a car accident, the car accident victim and his or her family must be fully aware of the importance of having legal protection to consider filing a lawsuit for compensation, especially if it was a hit and run.

An after-midnight crash claimed the life of a woman. The accident occurred at around 12:30 when a Nissan Altima was rear-ended by a Dodge Charger. The driver of the Charger fled the scene after the crash. The Altima was hit and then crashed into a support beam for a highway sign. The vehicle subsequently flipped over. The Altima was crushed. The driver, a 40-year-old woman, needed to be cut from the car by emergency personnel. She died at the site of the crash. The driver of the Charger ran away on foot. The vehicle was traced and law enforcement went to the address on the registration. There, they found the 19-year-old female driver who confessed to having crashed the vehicle and fled. She has been charged with multiple offenses related to the crash.

Woman dies in car crash with alleged drunk driver

It is an unfortunate reality that Texans who obey road rules and operating their vehicles safely can be injured or lose their lives in a car crash. All it takes is another driver choosing to get behind the wheel while under the influence, to drive while distracted, drive recklessly or commit any other risky acts to lead to car accidents with injuries and fatalities. After an accident, those who were affected should keep their options open to consider a legal filing to receive compensation for all they have lost.

An accident that occurred at about 11:00 p.m. is believed to have been caused by a drunk driver. In the crash, a 25-year-old man ran a red light and hit the passenger side of another vehicle. The vehicle that was hit subsequently spun and hit a third vehicle. The 56-year-old female passenger in the vehicle that was initially hit was taken to the hospital where she was declared dead.

Top five accident risks for oil field workers

Working in an oil field is an inherently dangerous job, and as such involves a wide number of both safety and health risks. Those who engage in this type of work are often well aware of the risks. However, they may not be able to avoid an accident due to the unpredictable nature of a job that includes so many variables that may be beyond their direct control.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration lists 10 different types of safety risks for oil field workers on their website. Here are five of the most common:

Increase fatal accident statistics on the road show

Car accidents are a concern for everyone on the road in Texas and throughout the U.S. Statistics are useful in knowing what and who to watch for when driving, riding a bicycle, jogging, or as a pedestrian. The number of crashes is relevant, but the perceived causes of these accidents is also vital. It is unfortunate that many accidents will result in a fatality. For those who have suffered the loss of a loved one in a fatal car crash, having a grasp of the research can be important when considering seeking compensation through a legal filing.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) released its latest numbers for automobile accidents and fatalities from 2016. It was found that there was a rise of 5.6 percent from the prior year. Nearly 37,500 people were killed in the U.S. Strangely, this is an improvement from 2014 to 2015 when the increase was 8.4 percent. But it is still worrisome. The immediate reaction to this information is to believe that distracted driving was a main culprit. The truth is that distracted driving fatalities had reduced by 2.2 percent in 2016.

"Infotainment" increases chances of being a distracted driver

Texans are aware of distracted drivers and the damage they can cause. Recently, new laws and enforcement have been part of the process of trying to reduce texting and driving and taking part in other distracting behaviors, mostly with smartphones. However, a new issue has been discussed as leading to a distracted driver: technology built in with late-model vehicles. AAA conducted a study regarding this issue, and it is important.

According to AAA, this new "infotainment" technology removes drivers' attention from the road, rendering dangerous the exact technology that is meant to improve safety. A touch screen is viewed as problematic because it forces drivers to use visual and mental demands at a high level. In tests, 30 different vehicles were driven in residential areas and drivers were discovered to be distracted for longer than 40 seconds, as they used the infotainment to send text messages or use its navigator.

Legal assistance after traumatic brain injury is essential

When a Texan suffers a head injury, there is always a chance there will be brain damage. Unlike broken bones, cuts and other obvious injuries, the brain is so fragile and integral to normal daily functioning that any brain damage at all can change a person's life forever.

They might not be able to work, will need to be assisted for all or part of their daily lives, or they could be in a state in which they are barely aware of their surroundings. For people who are as independent minded as Texans, this is a terrible position to be in. Even a minor brain injury can cause problems. When these issues arise from an accident of any kind, it is important to understand the importance of legal help.


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