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Hit and run car crash kills Mesquite pedestrian

Drivers in Mesquite must be vigilant about everything they encounter on the road. That can include other cars, motorcyclists, bicyclists, joggers and pedestrians. With the number of hazards that can arise, it is not unusual for car accidents to occur. When there is a car crash, drivers are obligated to wait at the scene not just to exchange insurance information, but to make certain that others involved in the car crash are not injured. If there are injuries, it is important to call for help. However, not all drivers adhere to this rule and it becomes a hit and run accident. When there is this type of crash, the victim or the victim's loved ones must be aware of the importance of legal help to investigate the case and seek compensation once the driver is found.

A pedestrian was hit by a car and killed and the vehicle fled the scene. The law enforcement investigation found that the accident appeared to have occurred in the overnight hours at approximately 2:30 a.m. The person's body was not found until around five hours later. The person was discovered in the grass. The pedestrian was declared dead at the scene. Law enforcement states that the vehicle they believe to have been involved was an SUV or pickup. They believe it might be one of several different types of silver vehicles. It is thought to have extensive damage to its front with a broken headlight and damage to its side view mirror.

What you need to know about workplace injuries in Texas

When it comes to workplace injuries and workers' compensation benefits in Texas, the law is rather particular. Something unusual about Texas when compared to many other states is that Texas law does not require employers to carry workers' compensation insurance for its employees.

At first glance, this may make it seem as though employees who suffer injuries on the job have no legal recourse for recovering lost wages or paying their medical bills. However, this is not the case. Here is some basic information about workplace injuries in Texas and how the system works.

It is crucial to have legal help for a defective auto part

Automobile design defects have reverberated in Texas, across the nation and all over the world. While airbag issues were the most prominent and have sparked numerous recalls and sent the manufacturer reeling, there is always a danger that a mistake in a vehicle construction will lead to consumer injury and death. In many instances, those who were affected are not even aware that an accident might have resulted from a defective auto part. Having legal assistance to investigate and move forward with a legal filing is essential.

Carmakers are consistently trying to come up with new advances to improve safety and efficiency. Unfortunately, these advances are sometimes faulty. If the fault is bad enough, it can place people in significant danger. Once it is established that an accident with injuries and death was due to a problem with the vehicle itself, those who were harmed should make certain that they are aware that they can receive compensation for medical costs, lost time at work, loss of companionship and much more.

Teenager killed when driver looked down to use breathalyzer

Drivers can be distracted for many reasons in Dallas, throughout Texas and across the nation. Some are frivolous and others are done with a viable reason. This, however, does not make the moment any less dangerous or deadly. It can cause an accident with injuries and fatalities. People who are simply minding their own business are often victimized by these crashes. People who have lost loved ones in fatal accidents because of a distracted driver - regardless of the distraction - should be aware of their rights to seek compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit.

An 18-year-old cheerleader who hoped to one day be a cosmetologist was killed when her vehicle was hit by a pickup truck as she backed out of a driveway. The accident happened in the evening at about 6:30 p.m. The young woman's vehicle was hit on the passenger side. According to the law enforcement investigation, the male driver of the pickup stated that he was looking down at the time because he needed to blow into a breathalyzer that was attached to his vehicle. These devices are installed when drivers are on probation or it has been ordered by the court. The idea is to ensure that the driver has not been drinking after the initial test when the vehicle starts.

Lasting consequences of traumatic brain injury

If you sustain an impact to the head in the course of an accident, traumatic brain injury can be a very real possibility. Common types of accidents that may lead to TBI include car crashes and slip or trip and falls.

While severe TBI is more likely to receive a quick diagnosis, moderate or light TBI does not always manifest in a clear, unmistakable way.

Fatal car crash kills woman; wrong-way driver arrested for DUI

A car accident in Dallas can lead to significant injuries and fatalities. When there is a crash, those who were affected should be aware of the possibility that it was due to a driver who was under the influence, operated their vehicle recklessly, displayed negligence or behaved in a way that placed others in danger. With a fatal car crash, the number of issues will multiply when compared to what happens when there are injuries. Those who were affected should know the steps to take to file a wrongful death lawsuit to receive compensation.

A 23-year-old woman was arrested after a fatal accident in which she is believed to have been driving under the influence. She drove the wrong way on the roadway and had a head-on collision with another vehicle. The accident happened late in the evening. The vehicle that was hit went into another lane and was hit by a third vehicle; sadly, a 25-year-old female died. The driver of the third vehicle was also hospitalized. The injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. The alleged drunk driver was taken to the hospital for treatment. She was later arrested.

Survey: calls from work can lead to being a distracted driver

Texans who are in a car crash should be cognizant of the variety of reasons that could have been the cause. Because a car accident can lead to significant medical expenses, lost time at work, major issues for the injured person and his or her family, it is vital to understand the cause of the accident. For example, some accidents come about because of a driver who was under the influence. It can also happen because a driver was distracted. There are numerous ways in which a driver can be distracted with the litany of devices and items that are available. As recent studies have shown, other combinations of aspects can contribute to being a distracted driver.

Researchers are regularly trying to determine why drivers take their attention away from the road to focus on other things and become a distracted driver. A survey of drivers in the South -- including Texas -- by Travelers says that peoples' jobs are having an impact on them paying attention to the road when driving. According to the study, close to half of those who responded said they replied to various forms of contact from work when they were driving. 28 percent of Southerners who replied stated that their boss had texted or called them despite the employee being behind the wheel.

Your injury risks as a worker in Texas

As a worker in Texas, you face many risks of on-the-job injury, with higher or lower incidences of injury based largely on the industry you work in. Understanding the most common risks Texas workers face can help you understand the facts should you experience an injury on the job.

Following is some information about high-risk injuries as well as a few of the more common types of job-based injuries Texas workers experience. See how your industry matches up, and how you can inform yourself to minimize your risk of injury at work.

Product recall of fire extinguisher affects 38 million units

Texans are vigilant about safety and take precautions. Part of that revolves around household items, such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Most people do not think for one second that these products themselves might be faulty and fail when they are needed. Unfortunately, it happens, and people can suffer injury and death as a result. This makes these items a dangerous product and can be the basis for a product liability lawsuit.

A widespread recall of fire extinguishers is underway. These products, manufactured by Kidde, were recalled because of several reported issues including clogging and needing extra force to discharge. They can also fail to work when there is a fire. The nozzle can detach and create an impact risk. A person is believed to have died in 2014 when there was a car fire. Emergency personnel could not get the fire extinguisher to work. So far, there have been close to 400 reports of the fire extinguishers failing to work. 16 people were injured and there were 91 reports that property had been damaged. The recall of 37.8 million of these fire extinguishers covers 134 models that were made as recently as August 2017 and as far back as January 1973.

Common causes of premises liability cases

Premises liability entails holding property owners legally accountable for accidents and injuries that happen on their premises due to their negligence. While many of these instances are slips and falls, premises liability covers a wide array of incidents. Knowing what they are can help you recognize when you have a case.

You may be able to seek financial compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income and permanent disability. Speak to a personal injury attorney to review your options if you experience any of the following types of premises liability.


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