Despite numerous local bans on texting while driving and a statewide ban on texting while driving in a school zone, innocent people are still being injured at an alarming rate. According to data gathered by Texas State Troopers, texting and cellphone use contributed to more than 3,000 accidents in 2012.

People who are injured in accidents caused by distracted drivers are entitled to pursue full compensation for their medical care, loss of income, property damage, pain and suffering and other considerations. At The Law Firm of Ted B. Lyon & Associates, our Texas personal injury lawyers represent clients throughout the state in a broad range of complex auto accident claims.

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Increased Risk of Serious Injury in Texting-While-Driving Accidents

A growing body of research indicates that people who compose or read text messages while driving can be up to six times more likely to cause an auto accident compared to those who refrain from such activity. Some experts have even suggested that a person who is texting while driving is more dangerous than a driver who is legally intoxicated.

When a driver is composing or reading a text message, he or she must look away from the road for several seconds. Traffic conditions can change in an instant, and a driver who is looking down at a cellphone will have no time to react. If traffic comes to sudden stop, for example, the driver would be much more likely to crash into the car ahead at full speed.

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In every case, we work hard to determine the extent of your injuries and the type of care you will require over the short and long term. We work directly with the insurance company representatives to negotiate a fair settlement, but stand ready to take the matter to court if they are not willing to negotiate in good faith.

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