Thank you for helping our family through the loss of Ellie. We know you and your staff did everything possible to ensure the best possible outcome for Ellie and our family. Even though we didn’t get the outcome we all wanted, we are so thankful to you and your team. You and your staff are powerful advocates to many. We received more information regarding Ellie’s death than the police. As you can imagine it’s painful to hear, it’s all a family truly deserves to know. Thank you for your passion and dedication to our family.

Thank you, Ami, Tommy

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Dear Ted,

We were raised a natural gas family. Our dad worked for a major natural gas company operating a gas sniffing truck along pipelines for leak detection. We were raised with a healthy respect and knowledge regarding regarding gas.

That respect was shattered on July 3, 2019 when we lost mom and our childhood home in a natural gas explosion.  In the house and days afterwards, our emotions were raw, not to mention the confusion and disbelief as to how this could have happened.

When you, Marquette Wolf and Mike Bradshaw arrived in Roswell just days after the explosion, we were numb and in shock.  When the phone calls and the events of that day started, you and your team took charge.  At that moment we knew we were in the best, experienced hands to get answers and justice for mom’s death.

It was obvious you and your team knew the best path and course of action to take.  Mike Bradshaw has an amazing ability to connect to people and put them at ease while conducting interviews.

We appreciate the patience and support Bonnie and Mandi provided.  They were always pleasant, attentive and responded promptly to us with any questions or issues we had.

We are so thankful we had Marquette working mom’s case. The day we walked mom’s property, he immediately identified areas of concern that would lead us to get the answers we wanted and needed.  We will be forever grateful to Marquette for his dedication, his knowledge he shared with us and applying his years of experience to mom’s case.

Ted, we thank you for providing the support we needed during our difficult time losing mom.  We knew we had the best legal representation, but we also had a team made up of individuals that cared and were there with us every step of the way from the beginning to the settlement.  Ted, we thank you for the peace of mind and for answers. Words cannot fully express our appreciation to you and your team.  Moving forward we can find some peace knowing that you and your team did everything possible to identify the issues and hopefully prevent this from happening to another family.


Gail, Cathy, and Russell

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Dear Mr. Lyon,

The purpose of this brief letter is to express my sincere appreciation to you for accepting my case involving personal injury and bringing it to a successful settlement.

Before coming to you, I presented my case to three other prominent attorneys in the Dallas area and was turned down by each one due to the complexity of my case or the cost of proving liability of the other party. By accepting my case, you brought comfort to me personally as I struggled with physical therapy and recovery from my injuries.

As I have previously told you, my preference would have been a court trial but considering all factors, I fully understand that you and your staff achieved the best possible outcome for me. Please express my appreciation to attorney Dennis Weitzel for his work during the last six months in bringing my three year old case to closure.


Edwin H. Henry

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Dear Ted & Marquette:

It was a pleasure to work with you on Dawson v. Fluor. Your office rounded out a great team, and my firm will look forward to the next time we can work together. Marquette is, without a doubt, a remarkable lawyer who cares about his clients, is self-less and is a great trial lawyer. His cross-examinations were brilliant. I will always refer Texas cases to your firm as I can 100% trust my clients will be served ethically, fairly, and skillfully.

Beyond all of that – both of you are just wonderful people. I am as glad to have had the chance to get to know you. I regret that we cannot work together more often.

Thank you for your great work on Dawson and for being great examples of our profession.

My best –

Beth Klein,

Attorney at Klein and Frank

Boulder, Colorado

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Dear Ted and Marquette:

Now that the dust has settled following our recent trial, I want to make sure you know how much we appreciate your assistance with the case. Both of you are obviously very talented trial lawyers, and the outstanding result we got could not have been achieved without your involvement. Our clients have told us more than once that bringing you into the case was the best decision we made on it. We made such a good team together we need to find a way to do it again.

We have made sure that all of our lawyers both here and in our Oklahoma City office know who you are and, not only what good lawyers, but how good you are to work with.

The fact that our verdict was the largest ever in Washington County, Oklahoma has not gone unnoticed by the Oklahoma bar, which could lead to other opportunities for us. If that should happen, Ted Lyon & Associates will be the very first call we make. Thanks again. Let’s stay in touch.


M. David Riggs,

Attorney at Riggs and Abney

Tulsa, OK

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