Texas Scaffolding Collapse Lawyers

There are few new construction or renovation projects that do not require scaffolding. It is almost always required equipment, and contractors have a responsibility to provide scaffolding that is capable of handling the demands of the job. When ill-suited scaffolding is used, it places everyone on the job site at unnecessary risk.

The reliable scaffolding collapse attorneys at The Law Firm of Ted B. Lyon & Associates have successfully represented construction workers and others who have been injured due to a contractor’s use of defective equipment. We have a substantial background handling construction site accident cases, and we work tirelessly to the best possible outcome in every case.

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Ready to Help With Your Texas Scaffolding Accident Claim

Scaffolding collapse claims can be very complex and difficult to prove. Depending on the circumstances of the accident and the specific cause, there may be multiple parties who can share in the liability, including the general contractor, the subcontractor, the supplier and the manufacturer. We thoroughly investigate the accident to determine the cause and the negligent parties in our efforts to secure maximum compensation for your injuries.

We have experience with scaffolding injury claims arising from any cause, including:

  • Negligent assembly
  • Weak or missing flooring
  • Worn or mismatched parts
  • Failure to secure the scaffolding to the structure
  • Using materials on hand in lieu of proper scaffolding

Failure to Provide Fall Protection

We also represent clients who have been injured because of the contractor’s failure to provide adequate safety equipment for construction workers on scaffolding or working at heights on other areas of the job site. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has specific regulations that require scaffolding guard rails, harnesses, lanyards or other safety equipment for workers whose feet are as little as six to 10 feet above the ground. When they fail to provide adequate fall protection, it can create grounds for a liability claim.

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