Dump Truck Accident Lawyer

Dump truck accident cases are often complicated, for many reasons. They tend to cause serious injury or wrongful death, either of which can change the lives of everyone involved. To make matters worse, the cases become complex as many of the people or businesses involved deny responsibility or, in the alternative, point blame at each other. The dump truck owner may say that the driver was at fault, for example, and the driver may say that the truck was defective. It takes an experienced lawyer to stand up for the injury victim and his or her family.

At Ted B. Lyon & Associates, we have the extensive experience necessary to hold dump truck drivers accountable—even in complex and challenging cases. For four decades, our Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas, attorneys have represented people hurt by dump trucks and other dangerous commercial vehicles.

Just Because It Happened on a Construction Site, Doesn’t Mean It’s Workers’ Comp

When a dump truck accident happens on a construction site, many workers believe they are limited to filing a workers’ compensation claim to cover the costs of their injuries. This is not necessarily true.

There are several situations in which injured workers can recover additional compensation for accidents that occurred on construction sites. One of these situations is when the person who caused the accident was a vendor or another person visiting the jobsite. Another is when the accident was truly caused by a dangerous or defective truck part. In these cases, it may be possible for the injury victims to file personal injury lawsuits.

Of course, it can be impossible to tell the true cause of an accident without an in-depth investigation into the facts. Even people who were at the scene might not know that the dump truck was defective, for example, or that the person behind the wheel was a third party.

We take a thorough and complete approach to personal injury litigation. When we take a case, we work hard to uncover all relevant facts. We then use those facts to tell your side of the story in Texas courts, and to pursue the best possible outcome in your case.

Talk With Us After a Dump Truck Wreck

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