In the United States each year, thousands of people are killed in van crashes. Many more are seriously injured.

Van Accident Lawyer

Van crashes can be especially serious because of the nature of the vehicles and the way people use them. Many vans are built with high centers of gravity, so they are more likely to roll over in a crash.  Further, van passengers are less likely to wear seat belts than passengers in other vehicles. Statistics show that people who do not wear seat belts are more likely to be seriously injured or killed in accidents.

At Ted B. Lyon & Associates, in Dallas Fort Worth, we are well prepared to handle these serious cases. Our attorneys draw on four decades of experience to protect our clients’ rights. We are well-respected in Texas courts and well-prepared to navigate the complexities of litigation.

A Thorough Investigation May Reveal the True Cause of Your Van Accident

When we take a van accident case, we begin by conducting a thorough and complete investigation of the facts. If necessary, we partner with accident reconstructionists and investigators who can visit the scene, collect evidence and review police reports. Their insight often allows us to understand the true cause of the accident—including all the factors involved. These may be:

  • Vehicle drivers were intoxicated
  • The van was dangerously or defectively designed
  • Maintenance was poor
  • The van driver was not properly trained
  • The driver was distracted
  • The driver was sleep-deprived

After a Van Accident, Get Help as Soon as Possible

When is the best time to get legal help after a van accident? Right away. There are many reasons for this. One is that evidence can become scarce with time. Witnesses forget what they saw. Debris at the scene is removed. Vehicle damages are repaired. Quick action means that you can establish a record of the evidence while it is still fresh. Your lawyer will then be able to use that evidence to tell the court your story.

Insurance companies are another reason. When you are not represented by an attorney, insurance companies may take advantage of you. They may pressure you to give recorded statements soon after an accident, and then they may use your words against you.

Insurance companies may also pressure you to settle your case for a low value before you are ready. Your lawyer can help you understand whether the deal is a good one. He or she can then strategically take action to advocate for you and boost the value of your case.

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