Delivery trucks are known for causing accidents for many reasons. Their drivers often face steep time pressures and race the clock to deliver packages on time. They often drive while distracted, using GPS systems to navigate busy city streets in traffic. And it is not unheard of for these drivers to operate delivery trucks while under the influence of alcohol and other mind-altering chemicals.

If you have been injured or if someone you care about was killed by a delivery truck, you may not know whether any of these factors were involved. In these complex cases, it often takes an experienced lawyer to investigate the facts, discover the true cause and hold the proper party accountable.

We Use Experience to Uncover the Truth About Delivery Truck Accidents

At Ted B. Lyon & Associates, we use extensive experience to get to the bottom of delivery truck accidents. Located in Dallas Fort Worth Texas Metropolitan area, our attorneys have the in-depth knowledge necessary to uncover the facts, build strong cases, and stand up for our clients in Texas state and federal courts.

We collaborate with investigators and accident reconstructionists when necessary to investigate the scene of a delivery truck accident. Each case is different. Our investigations may tell us that negligent truckers, trucking companies or manufacturers were to blame. Our focus is on obtaining all relevant information, tracking down witnesses and interviewing everyone involved.

Then, we do what is necessary to protect our clients’ interests. This often means settling the delivery truck accident case for the full and fair compensation our clients deserve. However, this is not always possible. Truck drivers, manufacturers and truck companies sometimes refuse to make reasonable settlement offers. When necessary, we take them to court to protect our clients’ interests by holding negligent parties accountable.

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