The Law Firm of Ted B. Lyon & Associates works hard to protect the rights of injured individuals and their families against negligent parties. Some of our noteworthy cases include the following verdicts and settlements:


U-Haul - Defective brakes - $84,000.000

Our client was a 70 year old father and grandfather. On September 20, 2006 he was helping his daughter move some belongings out of storage. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to our client, he was given a rental moving truck in a serious stare of disrepair. The parking brake was not functioning and the manual transmission was in such a state of disrepair that it could not reliably hold the truck on an incline when parked, After parking the truck, and setting the brake and leaving the truck in gear, our client started to exit the moving truck. The truck began to roll and the open door knocked our client to the ground, crushed him and dragged him across the parking lot. After 19 surgeries and months of hospitalization, or client returned home unable to walk or care for himself.

  • $84,000,000 - Verdict (confidential settlement)
  • $5,450,000 - Attorney Fees
  • $519,000 - Expenses
Greyhound - Negligent driver - $18,790,000

Our client was injured in a bus wreck. The bus she was riding in flipped over while the driver was making calls on his cell phone. Despite the defendant's contention that the accident was unavoidable due to icy road and poor weather conditions, the plaintiffs presented evidence that the bus driver shouldn't have been hired in the first place given his poor driving record, and that he made 17 calls on his personal cell phone on the night in question.

The verdict, which was the largest verdict ever awarded against the bus line and the #1 largest accident verdict in the State of Texas and Dallas County (for 2011).

  • $18,079,000 - Verdict (confidential settlement)
  • $1,500,000 - Attorney fees
  • $215,000 - Expenses