Chemical Burn And Hot Water Burn Injury Attorneys

Chemical burn, and hot water burn, and injuries can have an extremely debilitating impact on victims. Depending on the type and severity of the injury, victims can suffer permanent scarring and disfigurement, as well as loss of function in the injured body part. Burn victims whose injuries result from the negligence of another party may have grounds to pursue damages for their medical expenses and other losses.

At Ted B. Lyon & Associates, we have a wealth of experience resolving claims involving serious chemical and hot water scalding burns. Our Texas burn injury lawyers understand the hardship injury victims suffer in these situations, and we are diligent in our efforts to secure the level of compensation available in your case.

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Hot Water Heater Malfunctions and Negligent Maintenance

It takes less than 30 seconds for an adult who is exposed to 130-degree water to suffer a second-degree burn. Exposure of more than 30 seconds can result in third-degree burns. These exposure times are even shorter for children and infants. When maintenance personnel at apartment buildings or hotels set the water temperature too high or the water heating unit malfunctions to create water that is hot to the point of being dangerous, burn victims can hold the property owners and operators accountable for their injuries.

Experienced Chemical Burn Injury Attorneys

We also represent clients who suffer burn injuries that result from chemical exposure throughout Texas. Chemical spills that result from truck rollovers or train derailments, factory explosions and other causes can result in people as far as a mile away being exposed to harsh chemicals that may burn the skin, eyes and lungs. In some cases, injuries to the eyes and lungs can lead to impaired sight and breathing capacity. We fight for full compensation that accommodates all of your current and future needs.

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