Amusement Park Injury Attorneys

When we take our children to an amusement park, we assume the rides are safe, the equipment inspected daily, and the operators properly trained. Unfortunately, some children suffer serious injuries because someone didn’t do what he or she was supposed to do.

At The Law Firm of Ted B. Lyon & Associates, our attorneys use the civil justice system to hold amusement park owners and their insurance companies accountable for unsafe conditions that injure children. We handle cases of serious injury and wrongful death at Six Flags, Sandy Lake Amusement Park, Great Wolf Lodge and other amusement and water parks in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area.

No matter how your child was injured, our lawyers offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case. Call us today at 877-Ted-Lyon / 877-833-5966.

Why Did the Accident Happen?

When a child is injured at an amusement park, parents need answers. Unfortunately, amusement parks are often unwilling to provide those answers unless a lawyer becomes involved.

Many cases of serious injury can be traced to negligence on the part of the amusement park owner. Here are some examples:

  • Ride accidents caused by improper maintenance and inspections
  • Accidents caused by ride operator errors
  • Injuries caused by defective pads or restraints on rides
  • Injuries caused by falls or falling objects
  • Improper hiring or supervision
  • Unsafe property conditions

If your child suffered a serious injury, our lawyers will look ahead to determine what services he or she may need both now and in the future. Our goal is to help your family move forward with needed compensation to pay for medical bills, emotional trauma and other losses.

Attorneys for Theme Park and Water Park Accidents

Reach our law offices by phone by calling 877-Ted-Lyon / 877-833-5966 or contact us online. If necessary, one of our Texas amusement park injury lawyers can visit you and your child at your home or in the hospital.