6 Tips to Maximize Compensation in Your Personal Injury Case

Many people across Texas are injured due to things like auto accidents, defective products or dangerous conditions on someone’s property. Injured people must often file personal injury claims to recover full and fair compensation for their injuries and trauma.

As an injured person, there are actions you can take to help build your case and get the most compensation available.

1. Preserve Evidence

Your lawyer will need to prove what caused your injuries by using various forms of evidence. You can help by:

  • Taking photos or video at the accident scene
  • Getting contact information of witnesses who saw what happened
  • Keeping copies of all bills, invoices and receipts related to your accident
  • If you were hurt by a defective product, keep the product, its packaging and its instruction manual

2. Get Prompt Medical Attention

Your injuries need to be linked to the other person’s conduct. Medical records help demonstrate that link by documenting what kinds of injuries you suffered and how serious they are. Get medical attention even if you don’t feel injured immediately after the accident; adrenaline could be masking the pain.

3. Keep Track of Your Non-Economic Damages

You should always keep your medical bills and receipts, as mentioned earlier. Those help illustrate your economic damages. But you also need to do your best to document your non-economic damages. These are harms that can’t be easily calculated but for which you need to be compensated.

Consider keeping a diary where you write down how much pain you’re in and activities you can’t perform because of the injuries. Write about your emotional state and how your thoughts and relationships are being affected.

4. Don’t Accept a Settlement Before Finishing Treatment

Insurance companies often pressure injured people to take settlements too quickly. Resist the urge. You cannot know the full value of your claim until your treatment is complete. Your patience could pay off in the end.

5. Don’t Post On Social Media

Insurance companies look for any reason to reduce the amount they pay. Adjusters scour social media accounts to find photos of people doing activities that make it look like they aren’t actually hurt. If you post such photos, you can undermine your own claim.

6. Retain an Experienced Law Firm

You should not have to fight against insurance companies on your own. They are big and powerful, so make sure you hire a lawyer who knows Texas personal injury law. Get one who can handle the case for you, give good advice and stand up for your rights.

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