5 Ways You Can Help Your Personal Injury Lawyer With Your Case

Talking to an attorney should be one of the first things you do after you get hurt or lose a loved one in a car accident, truck wreck or other motor vehicle crash. Once you find a Texas lawyer you’re comfortable with and you decide to hire them, there are things you can do throughout your case to help things along.

Here are five things you can do to assist your auto accident attorney in getting the compensation you deserve.

1. Share the Whole Story

The biggest thing you can do is be honest with your lawyer. Share all the facts about your accident, even the things that make it seem like the crash might have been partially your fault. Being completely honest helps your lawyer be prepared for things your opponent might say. By knowing all the facts, your lawyer is much less likely to be caught off guard by something that could weaken your claim.

2. Go to Doctors’ Appointments and Follow the Recommendations

Getting healthy is the top priority after a car or truck accident. You can’t accomplish that if you miss doctors’ appointments or don’t do the things your doctor tells you to do. Also, not following medical advice can weaken your legal claim. It’s almost like you’re telling your opponent that you aren’t hurt very badly and you don’t really need compensation.

3. Don’t Discuss the Situation on Social Media

It’s guaranteed that the lawyer representing the other driver or insurance company is going to be looking at your social media accounts. If you’re claiming to be seriously injured but you’re posting photos of yourself doing all kinds of activities on Instagram or TikTok, that will weaken your case. Those posts can be used as evidence against you to reduce your compensation or even have your case dismissed.

4. Be Patient

It’s understandable that you need and want to get compensation as soon as possible. But if you push or order your lawyer to take a quick settlement, you probably won’t get as much money as you should.

Remember that it takes time to build a case. Your lawyer needs to gather evidence, analyze medical records and fit everything into the judge’s court calendar. Also, the other person’s insurance company will be using delay tactics to make the case take longer, hoping you’ll get impatient and accept less money.

5. Ask Questions

Never be afraid to ask your attorney what something means or how something affects your case. You’re paying for this representation, so you’re entitled to understand what’s going on.

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