Proving Pain and Suffering in an Injury Case

When you get hurt by the negligence of someone else, you’re entitled to be compensated. Money can be requested for things like property damage, medical costs and wages you lose from not working. Those tangible losses are pretty simple to calculate by adding up bills.

But many injured people suffer serious, often long-term harm that isn’t so easily calculated. They go through physical and emotional trauma that can be life-changing. In the legal world, this is known as pain and suffering.

Getting compensated for pain and suffering is possible in Texas. To get it, though, you’ll need a lawyer who knows how to explain your situation to a jury. That way, they understand the anguish your injury causes.

Evidence That Can Help Prove Pain and Suffering in Texas

Pain and suffering damages can’t be calculated by adding up receipts. The way to prove them is to tell the full story of how your life has been impacted by your injury. Your Dallas attorney can do this by presenting different types of evidence:

  • Medical records: Serious injuries usually mean physical therapy, surgery and perhaps psychological counseling. Medical records of these treatments help show how much pain and suffering you’ve endured.
  • Doctors’ testimony: Physicians who have treated patients with similar injuries can often render an expert opinion about the pain certain injuries cause.
  • Testimony about mental health: Professionals such as psychiatrists and psychologists can evaluate you. They can then explain to the jury the effects of emotional trauma you’ve suffered and could continue suffering.
  • Testimony of friends and family: The people close to you see the effects of your injuries. They may even be providing care for you. These people can testify about how your injuries have changed or diminished the quality of your life.
  • Your testimony: You are the one living through the pain. You can tell the jury what you’re going through better than anyone else. Your words and your own account of your predicament can help the jury understand the gravity of your pain and suffering.

How Much Compensation Can You Get for Pain and Suffering in Texas?

There is no set formula for deciding how much money you will receive for pain and suffering. Texas courts only ask that juries arrive at an amount that would “reasonably” compensate the victim. Aside from medical malpractice cases, Texas doesn’t limit (cap) the amount you can receive.

Get the Full Compensation You Deserve for Your Injury

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