Questions to Ask Your Doctor After an Auto Accident

It’s essential to take an active role in your medical care at all times, including in the aftermath of an accident. No one knows what you’re feeling, physically and mentally, better than you do.

Asking the right questions of your doctor can help you get the right information and treatment to help you heal. In this article, our Dallas car and truck accident lawyers offer ideas for important questions you can ask.

How Bad Are My Injuries?

Gaining a full understanding of your injuries is critical. This is both for your health and for any insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit you may pursue. Certain injuries, like whiplash and related back or neck problems, can take time to diagnose. However, getting assessments of the severity of your injuries as quickly as possible helps ensure that your treatment is not delayed.

Start by asking your doctor to explain your situation in plain language without using a lot of medical terminology. Ask if you or a family member can record your conversations or take notes so you can remember details later. Ask things like:

  • How long do you think my recovery will take?
  • Do you think I will make a complete recovery?
  • Are there activities I can do to help the healing process?
  • What activities should I avoid, and for how long?
  • Am I restricted from lifting things, such as my child or small objects?

Your doctor’s answers can help you understand how your life might be impacted by your injuries.

The answers can also identify items to include in an insurance claim or lawsuit. For example, if you’re unable to lift your child, you might need to pay for childcare while you recover. This would require more compensation. Similarly, you might not be able to work for a while, giving you another expense to include in your claim.

What Exactly Caused My Injury?

It’s important that you, your lawyer and your doctor understand how exactly your injuries occurred. It could be necessary for your doctor to explain the cause if asked to testify about your injuries in court.

Can I Go Back to Work?

If you are of working age, ask how long you’ll be unable to work. Other work-related questions to ask are:

  • Will I be able to do the same job I was doing before?
  • Will I have to take any medications that would affect my ability to work?
  • Does my type of job put me at risk for further injury?

Will I Have Future Health Concerns?

Auto accidents can have lifelong physical consequences. Conditions like chronic pain, arthritis and psychological trauma should be factored into the overall estimate of your damages.

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