Texas parents may encounter battery explosions in toddler toy

Batteries can be extremely dangerous when exposed to heat. Melting plastic in certain products is also dangerous because the fumes that come out of the plastic as it melts can be potentially poisonous. The combination of these two problems can result in serious injuries. Battery explosions may currently be a concern for Texas parents after claims that a popular toddler toy has a major defect.

A recent report claims that a defective toy was noticed by several parents who allege that as soon as they changed the batteries in the toy for the first time, they noticed that within five minutes smoke began to come from the toy as the plastic battery compartment started to melt. Some parents also reported that they heard the toy’s battery compartment crackling as it sparked. An expert has even reported that there is a possibility that the batteries could get too hot and they could explode which could lead to a fire since the toy is made mostly of fabric.

A couple of local consumer reporters are apparently investigating the claims of defectiveness of the toys. Even after an electrical wiring expert inspected the toy and made a recall suggestion, they allegedly found that the company responsible for the defective toy has not only apparently refused to put out a recall for the toys that are already in the homes of thousands of children, but they have also quietly changed the design of the battery pack. Many of these toys are carried into bed with children, which makes the potentially defective toys even more dangerous should an explosion occur.

Texas parents, as well as most parents across the region, would not intentionally buy defective toys that could lead to their children being injured. Should any parent come across one of these defective toys that causes any type of injury to their child, they may choose to research their options into filing a personal injury lawsuit to get the most out of a claim against the manufacturers of the toy. The potential for battery explosions and poisonous fume inhalation is not something that most parents would want around their homes.

Source: abc15.com, No recall of Soothe and Glow Seahorse toddler toy, despite fire safety concerns, Keli Rabon, Sandra Barry, Feb. 24, 2014