Texas school spreads education about texting car accident dangers

Texting and driving are obviously a dangerous combination when done together. Many things can happen in the blink of an eye if a driver gets distracted while trying to send a text. Not only can an accident occur, but if any injuries come from that accident, lawsuits can be filed against the driver responsible for causing injuries or even death. Texting and driving is a growing epidemic across the country, and one Texas school recently tried to illustrate this fact by staging a mock deadly car accident that was caused by texting and driving.

As the school’s student body watched, the tragic aftereffects of a staged fatal accident played out as part of the “TXTING: LOL Learn, Observe, Live” program in South Central Texas. The mock accident depicted a student sending a text message while driving into one of the school’s parking lots, leading to the pretend deaths of two people and injuries to two others. While this particular accident was fortunately not real, texting and driving accidents are becoming an all-too-common reality across the nation.

This particular program was designed to show young drivers scenes of possible accidents that can be the outcome of distracted driving. It is shown throughout various school communities in order to make people more aware of the dangers of not paying attention to the operation of a vehicle while texting. At this particular demonstration, the female student who played the fatality victim reported that the situation became surreal for her when the white sheet was draped over her body.

The clear message is that texting and driving is negligent and could have serious repercussions. Being injured or losing a loved one because of someone else’s negligence can be confusing and overwhelming. For injury victims and family members of those who are killed by a distracted driver in a Texas car accident, researching victims’ rights can help to determine what steps need to be taken next. Those who are more informed can make better decisions more easily and with less stress.

Source: mysanantonio.com, Mock accident shows the dangers of texting and driving., David Dekunder, March 3, 2014