Texas students should be aware of possible emotional trauma

Cell phones are widely popular and used daily by a large percentage of the nation. Everyone from middle school students to elderly adults in Texas are getting cell phones to keep in contact with loved ones and friends. But what happens when a cell phone causes severe pain and emotional trauma?

A young girl was severely injured when the cell phone she had in her pocket exploded. The phone burst into flames after the girl reportedly heard a popping sound and then she saw smoke coming from the pocket of her pants. The girl was in school when the incident occurred and was helped by people who were nearby and were able to help the girl get out of her pants before she was more severely hurt.

As it is, the girl received both first and second degree burns. She was treated at a local hospital and then she was released to go home. This is not the only case similar to this that the phone’s manufacturing company has seen. Reports indicated that there were multiple reports of the phone’s lithium ion battery becoming too hot and either catching fire or exploding.

Not only did the girl suffer physical damage to her body from the fire, but she more than likely will also experience emotional trauma as well. It may have been a preventable situation had the company made mandatory recalls or notified the public of the phone’s potential defects. If the family was not aware that they were in danger, they may choose to file a civil claim in order to get compensation for their daughter’s medical bills and emotional damages. Texas individuals who are concerned about this situation should be vigilant when using these cell phones.

Source: news.yahoo.com, Student Injured After iPhone Bursts Into Flames in Pants Pocket, Liz Fields, Feb. 2, 2014