Texas family could seek wrongful death in accident

When people are traveling on the roads in Texas, hardly anyone gives a thought that it could be the last thing that they do. One family though, may decide to seek a wrongful death suit against a driver that may have been responsible in the death of their loved one. A late night drive for two men has ended in the death of one and a hospital stay for another.

A woman was allegedly driving headed in the wrong direction on a local highway. The men were in a vehicle headed west when the woman was reportedly in the west lane but was moving east. The woman’s car smashed directly into the westbound car that the two men were traveling in.

The impact killed the 29-year-old male passenger. The driver of the car was taken to a local hospital. The woman also survived the accident and was also transported for treatment. The condition of the two survivors has not been publicly released. Police have reportedly stated that they will likely be filing charges against the woman driver.

Whether police formally charge the woman driver the family members of the deceased young man are left with the loss of their loved one. The pain and suffering that they will experience over the next months and years will only be compounded by the extra financial burden that this young man’s death brings. Texas does have provisions in place that would allow this family to seek a wrongful death claim against the possibly negligent driver that allegedly caused this fatal wreck. While nothing will replace their lost loved one, a monetary award could help relieve some of the suffering that funeral and burial expenses place on an already grieving family.

Source: kdhnews.com, “Charges pending in fatal Nolanville crash,” Jacob Brooks, July 12, 2013