New therapy being tested for traumatic brain injury

Medical science is always moving forward and then sometimes falling back in the never-ending quest for new treatments. Now there is a researcher who is working to find the first possible treatment for traumatic brain injury. Patients everywhere, including Texas could possibly benefit if the research could proves to be helpful.

The doctor involved in the new branch of therapy is proposing progesterone injections into patients that have suffered with a brain injury. The research has moved into the blind study phase which includes groups of patients. The hormone that has been utilized in the study is better known as the pregnancy hormone, but both men and women have it in their systems.

The treatment has seemed to show real progress in helping brain-injured patients. One such patient was so severely injured he was on life support. After the treatment protocol, the young man has reportedly made tremendous improvement. One possible drawback at this time may be the less than 10 hour window of opportunity for initial treatment to begin. The hormone is then given continuously over a several day course.

While there may seem to be a possible breakthrough for some patients with a traumatic brain injury, there are many others who may still have to suffer with the effects from such a devastating injury. Texas families that have a loved one that has suffered such a terrible wound, may have additional struggles in the form of monetary burdens that are a result of such a tragedy. There are resources available that could aid such victims and their families. It may be possible to seek information about filing a personal injury suit in order to obtain some financial relief from the enormous monetary costs that accompany this type of tragic injury.

Source:, “Pregnancy hormone for traumatic brain injury,” July 22, 2013