Texas car crash leaves man and child dead

A Texas highway was closed for hours after an accident that is being blamed for taking the lives of a child and a male driver. The driver that was killed in the car crash was not in the same vehicle that the child was reported to have been riding in. The same accident sent at least three other people including a small child to local hospitals.

The crash occurred in the early hours of a recent weekday morning. It is reported to have taken place in the north lanes of a busy highway outside of Fort Worth. Police believe that a passenger car was parked on the shoulder of the roadway when it was crashed into by another vehicle. Police stated that the people who were riding in the first car were outside of the automobile when the collision took place.

The accident resulted in one child suffering fatal injuries before any medical treatment was available. There was a woman and a small child with what were described as severe injuries transported to the closest hospital. The woman and two children were reported to have been in the same vehicle but officials have not publicly stated the relationship or identities of that car’s passengers. Police have also stated that a man who was driving the second car was also killed in the accident. A driver of another car that was involved in the crash was also treated for injuries.

Police are said to still be investigating the cause of the car crash. If the driver of the second car is deemed to have caused the death of the child and the injuries to the other people, then there may not be any legal actions taken because that driver was killed in the accident. However, Texas laws would allow the injured woman and possibly the other driver to file personal injury claims against the estate of the deceased driver. No amount of money could ever replace the child that has died as a result of this tragedy, nor will in alleviate the emotional suffering of the family members, but a civil suit could help with the tremendous monetary expenses that funeral and burial costs bring as well as help with the many medical bills that have to be dealt with in the aftermath of a serious car crash.

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