Texas wrongful death: Man killed in head-on crash

Recently in Texas, a few families have had to bear the awful burden of saying good bye to their loved ones. They were victims of a wrongful death caused by a traffic accident. Their survivors will now to deal not only with their losses and the hole that these deaths has left in their lives, but they may also be left with the tremendous costs that their final arrangements have brought.

Police have reported that the wreck occurred in the early pre-dawn hours on a Saturday. The crash was caused by a 58-year-old driver that was traveling in the opposing traffic lanes for unknown reasons. The four door car that he was driving also had two other occupants. The sedan reportedly smashed directly into the front of a pick-up truck that was traveling in the correct south headed direction.

The collision resulted in the death of four people — the drivers of both vehicles and the two passengers in the sedan. A witness saw an explosion when the two vehicles crashed. Investigators have not completed their inquiry regarding the wreck. However, they have indicated that the wrong-way driver may have been drinking.

This tragic accident has shattered the lives of the victims’ survivors. If it is believed that this wreck was the result of possibly negligent actions of the driver of the sedan, then the families of the other victims may be able to seek some justice and closure in the filing of a wrongful death claim against the deceased man’s estate. Texas laws do allow such a filing in order to help the families of the victims find a measure of peace in knowing that there may be found some closure to this terrible tragedy.

Source:dfw.cbslocal.com, “Wrong-Way Crash Kills Four People In South Dallas,” Susy Solis, Aug. 3, 2013