How American Drivers Feel About Drunk Driving

How American Drivers Feel About Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is just one of several unsafe behaviors that have increased over the past two years. The pandemic has increased almost every form of dangerous driving. Speeding, distracted driving, and aggressive driving accidents have all increased on a per-mile-driven basis since the pandemic began.

It’s important to recognize that most drivers have actually responded to the pandemic by driving more safely. Unfortunately, the group that chose to drive more dangerously chose to do so far more frequently. And American drivers are speaking out about their thoughts on drinking and driving.

Part of a Larger Trend

The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) recently released its seventh annual report entitled Road Safety Monitor. The report uses information gathered from a random sample of drivers over the drinking age. The survey includes people’s impressions of the causes and prevalence of drunk driving.

According to the survey, 78 percent of American drivers believe that drunk driving is a serious problem. 65 percent expressed extreme concern about impaired driving.

At the same time, the number of drivers reporting that they often drive while they think they are over the legal blood alcohol content limit is rising. When asked why they drove while over the legal limit, these drivers responded that they thought they were okay to drive despite the alcohol.

This has long been the heart of the problem when it comes to drunk driving. People who know drunk driving is wrong still believe that alcohol does not affect them the way it affects all people.

The Pandemic Limited Alternatives

Drivers who have had too much to drink showed an increased reluctance to turn to common alternatives in 2021. The use of designated drivers, ridesharing services, and public transportation amongst impaired drivers fell. One reason for this was that more drivers wanted to avoid the risk of being exposed to Covid-19.

Again, the problem seems to be that many drivers underestimate the risks associated with impaired driving. There are no safe drunk drivers. There is no drive short enough or road empty enough to make driving impaired a safe activity.

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