The Most Dangerous Highways in Texas

Home to more than 30 million people, Texas is the second most populous state in the country. Couple that huge population with a booming tourist industry and it’s no surprise that our roads are teeming with traffic.

It’s not just passenger vehicles that are zipping down Texas highways, though. Thousands of commercial trucks criss-cross the state daily as they deliver the goods that keep the state’s economy moving.

So while all of this car and truck traffic is a sign of a flourishing state, it also makes our highways particularly dangerous. In fact, according to Forbes and NHTSA data, Texas is the fifth most dangerous state for drivers. We’re also home to the most confrontational drivers in the country, according to the same study.

Add up the statistics and you’ll see that more than 240,000 people were injured and nearly 4,500 were killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2022. Here’s where most of those highway accidents happen in Texas.

5 of the Most Dangerous Highways in Texas

1. Interstate 45

I-45 is the major artery between Dallas and Galveston, going straight through Houston along the way. It’s known for its high speeds in certain stretches and congested traffic in others, plus many dangerous curves. This 285-mile stretch of highway ranked as the second-most-dangerous road in America as of 2021.

2. Interstate 35

Running north and south from the Oklahoma state line down to Laredo, I-35 connects some of the state’s biggest cities, such as Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. A few years ago, there were over 20,000 crashes on I-35 that resulted in 153 fatalities. The highway is so dangerous that TxDOT has an entire I-35 safety campaign trying to raise awareness and make things safer for everyone.

3. Interstate 10

Spanning the entire state from west to east, El Paso through Houston and beyond, I-10 carries millions of people every year. The stretch between San Antonio and Houston is the most dangerous, as people and goods move between these two major hubs.

4. US Route 59

Also known as the Lloyd Bentsen Highway, US-59 connects Houston and Texarkana, passing through Lufkin, Carthage, Nacogdoches and more. With a speed limit averaging 75 miles per hour, this is a high-speed road that seems to invite reckless driving. Cars, trucks and motorcycles can be seen speeding at all hours.

5. US Route 83

Starting near Brownsville along the Mexican border and running up to the Oklahoma border, Highway 83 connects many rural communities. US-83 has narrow lanes and long stretches without medians. The 130 miles between Uvalde and Laredo are particularly hazardous.

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