Is Texas a No-Fault Insurance State?

If you’ve been in any kind of motor vehicle accident, you need to know who’s responsible for compensating you for your injuries and property damage. That’s largely determined by the type of insurance system the state has.

There are two possible insurance systems: the no-fault system and the at-fault system. Texas is one of the 38 states that use the at-fault system. In this article, our Dallas auto accident lawyers will discuss the two systems and how the at-fault insurance system can affect your legal claim.

What’s the Difference Between At-Fault and No-Fault States?

The main difference is how an injured person gets compensated for personal injuries suffered in an auto accident.

In the 12 no-fault states, drivers are required to carry personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. When a driver gets injured, they work with their own insurance company to receive compensation up to their maximum PIP limit. They can receive this compensation without needing to prove that the other driver caused the crash.

Additionally, in no-fault states, an injured person can sue the other driver for additional compensation only under limited circumstances.

In Texas and the other at-fault states, the injured driver seeks compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. In other words, the at-fault driver is responsible for damages caused in the crash.

Typically, claims take longer in at-fault states because the insurance companies take a lot of time determining which driver was at fault so they can know which company will end up paying for the other’s injuries.

Property damage, however, is different from personal injuries. The at-fault driver is responsible to pay for property damage, even in no-fault states.

You Can (and Should) Buy PIP Coverage in Texas

Texas allows drivers to add PIP coverage to their insurance policies. PIP isn’t required, but we highly recommend it. It makes your insurance cost a little more each month, but if you get injured you’ll be able to get compensation much faster and without needing to prove fault. PIP covers:

  • The cost of your medical treatment, including ambulance, hospital visits, surgery, X-rays, bloodwork and more
  • 80 percent of your lost wages due to injuries
  • The cost of finding a caregiver

The minimum PIP coverage in Texas provides $2,500 of coverage. We recommend buying more than the minimum if you can afford to. You can purchase coverage by calling your insurance company and asking for it to be added to your policy.

Contact a Dallas Auto Accident Lawyer if You’ve Been Injured

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