What Is PIP Coverage and Do I Need It in Texas?

What Is PIP Coverage and Do I Need It in Texas?

In the aftermath of an accident, many victims face incredibly high medical bills, lost wages and other expenses. Having the proper insurance before an accident occurs is one of the keys to covering these expenses. Personal injury protection (PIP) is one type of insurance that we highly recommend every Texas driver carry.

What Is PIP Insurance?  

PIP is a type of insurance that pays for your medical expenses, lost wages and other costs if you’re hurt in an auto accident. Crucially, PIP also covers any passengers who were in your vehicle at the time of the wreck.

In Texas, insurance companies must offer PIP coverage, but you have the right to decline it. If you do, however, you will have to find other ways to pay for many of the expenses associated with your injuries.

What Does PIP Insurance Cover in Texas?

One of the best things about personal injury protection coverage is that it covers you no matter who was at fault for the accident. Even if it was your fault, the policy will kick in to provide coverage for:

  • Necessary surgeries, X-rays, dental or eye treatments, and other reasonable medical costs
  • Prosthetic devices
  • Professional rehabilitation and nursing
  • Ambulance fees
  • Medication
  • Lost income resulting from the accident
  • Funeral expenses

PIP Helps You Handle The Unexpected

PIP coverage provides peace of mind if you’re involved in an accident because it covers you in any scenario, including when the other driver:

  • Flees the scene of the crash and cannot be found
  • Doesn’t have any insurance
  • Doesn’t have enough insurance to cover your injuries

PIP usually pays out within a week or two of your crash. This provides you the means to pay for various expenses early on in your recovery while your lawyer works on building a case against the other driver and their insurer.

PIP vs Med Pay

In Texas, the law requires you to choose between PIP and medical payments coverage (Med Pay). Med Pay is similar to PIP in that it covers medical costs and other accident-related expenses. Med Pay will also pay out regardless of fault, just like PIP. However, Med Pay does not cover lost wages, chiropractic care or several other important items. So, if you were injured and had to miss a month of work, PIP would cover a months’ worth of wages while Med Pay would not.

Let Our Dallas Auto Accident Lawyers Sort Things Out

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