Why Truck Crashes Have Increased During COVID-19

Why Truck Crashes Have Increased During COVID-19

Delivery truck drivers are working under tight deadlines due to COVID-19, whether they’re under pressure to deliver products to someone’s doorstep or bulk items to stores. The evolution of commerce and on-demand delivery has put incredible strain on the trucking industry and delivery truck drivers.

The Pandemic Has Changed the Rules of the Road for Trucking

In response to the demand for shipping services, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration changed some of the rules that govern trucking driving. Now, the rules allow drivers to drive for many more hours without taking a break if they are hauling medical supplies, food, building supplies for emergency operations and other critical items.

The rule changes are intended to help communities maintain access to critical supplies during coronavirus, but the other side of the equation is that many drivers are out on the roads when they are tired or stressed, and that makes roads more dangerous.

Driver Stress and Fatigue Add Danger to the Roads

Delivery drivers can’t do their jobs from the safety of their home offices. They must be out on the roads in the middle of the pandemic, working to keep commerce moving forward. Delivery drivers, as a result, are feeling the pressure. They’re stressed and fatigued, which are two of the leading factors in many truck wrecks.

Aside from the pressure of delivering on time, drivers are concerned about exposure to the virus at service stations and when delivering to large facilities with dozens of people. The long shifts also keep drivers away from their families, leading drivers’ minds to wander as they wish they could be at home more. Unfortunately, a driver who isn’t focused on the road is dangerous.

More Reasons Truck Accidents Have Risen

There are several other reasons why delivery truck accidents have been higher than usual throughout the pandemic:

  • Roads are less congested, making it easier for truck drivers to speed as they rush to meet deadlines.
  • Delivery truck drivers can be distracted while looking for the delivery address, colliding with vehicles or pedestrians.
  • There are simply not enough qualified truck drivers available, so trucking companies are hiring poorly qualified people who may not even hold commercial driver’s licenses.
  • Trucks are being poorly maintained as the companies keep sending them out for delivery after delivery without enough time to fix problems.

Get Legal Help If You’ve Been Injured By a Truck in Texas

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