Why Thorough Investigations Win Truck Accident Injury Cases

As hard as it may be to believe, the chaotic aftermath of a truck wreck is also the starting point of accident investigation. What happens in the minutes, hours, days and weeks to follow is crucial for an injured person, because the results of an accident investigation will have a big impact on the outcome of any eventual personal injury case stemming from the incident.

What the Driver and Trucking Company May Do

Right after the accident, the truck driver may be uninjured or suffer only minor injuries, thanks to the protection afforded by the size and weight of the truck. The driver knows what to do next. He/she will call the dispatcher, who will then contact the trucking company’s crash response team, which includes lawyers and accident reconstruction specialists. 

They will coach the driver on what to say to police, take photos, talk to witnesses, and maybe even try to influence a police officer’s perception of how things happened.

Meanwhile, the driver of the other vehicle, who is likely more seriously hurt, may have to be taken away from the scene by ambulance. This gives a lot of freedom to the trucker and trucking company to control the situation.

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What a Truck Accident Lawyer Does in the Investigation 

The injured person or his/her family should contact a Texas truck accident attorney as soon as possible. Waiting for a police report can take days or even longer. It’s important to have your lawyer working on the situation quickly to protect evidence that can eventually shape your personal injury lawsuit.

Truck accident lawyers can bring in an accident reconstructionist who isn’t on the trucking company’s payroll to recreate what happened. During this process, many critical questions will be asked about the incident:

  • Did the semi truck veer out of its lane?
  • Was the trucker tailgating?
  • Is there evidence that the truck’s load shifted, or something fell off the truck?
  • Was speeding or intoxicated driving a factor?
  • Was the driver properly qualified?
  • Was the truck properly maintained?

At Ted B. Lyon & Associates, our Dallas attorneys typically take important actions during the investigation phase, including:

  • Visiting the scene as quickly as possible to gather evidence 
  • Bringing in an independent accident reconstructionist
  • Gathering witness statements and taking photos of the area around the scene
  • Finding the police report along with photos and notes
  • Researching the truck driver and trucking company
  • Writing a letter demanding that the trucking company preserve all evidence
  • Ensuring that any black box data is downloaded
  • Helping the injured person connect with medical professionals as needed

All of these steps at the investigation phase are critical. They can be the difference between a successful injury claim and an unsuccessful one.

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