What you need to know about workplace injuries in Texas

When it comes to workplace injuries and workers’ compensation benefits in Texas, the law is rather particular. Something unusual about Texas when compared to many other states is that Texas law does not require employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance for its employees.

At first glance, this may make it seem as though employees who suffer injuries on the job have no legal recourse for recovering lost wages or paying their medical bills. However, this is not the case. Here is some basic information about workplace injuries in Texas and how the system works.

What does workers’ compensation do?

The Texas state government regulates the workers’ compensation program to provide income and medical benefits if you suffer a workplace injury. There are various types of benefits available, including medical benefits that can pay your medical bills and prescriptions and income benefits to reimburse you for lost wages due to your injury.

What are my responsibilities if I receive an injury on the job?

There are specific regulations regarding what you must do after you suffer a workplace injury. You must report the injury to your employer within a specific time frame of 30 days from the time you sustained your injury or from the time when you first realized your injury resulted from your workplace or job duties.

What are the common types of personal injury cases?

Personal injury cases are usually due to either negligence or intentional torts. This may apply in a workplace injury situation if, for example, your employer was negligent and this negligence led to your injury. Showing negligence is a complicated matter, and oftentimes, this type of case requires the assistance of a qualified attorney who works with personal injury cases. It may require an investigation, and an attorney can help you understand all the documents and proof you will need to provide in order to build your case.

Workplace injuries in Texas are complex, and the assistance of a lawyer may be a good first step for you to learn more about how you can recover lost wages or have medical bills paid. If you feel it is too difficult to navigate the system on your own, consider a legal consultation so you can get more information.