Hit and run car crash kills Mesquite pedestrian

Drivers in Mesquite must be vigilant about everything they encounter on the road. That can include other cars, motorcyclists, bicyclists, joggers and pedestrians. With the number of hazards that can arise, it is not unusual for car accidents to occur. When there is a car crash, drivers are obligated to wait at the scene not just to exchange insurance information, but to make certain that others involved in the car crash are not injured. If there are injuries, it is important to call for help. However, not all drivers adhere to this rule and it becomes a hit and run accident. When there is this type of crash, the victim or the victim’s loved ones must be aware of the importance of legal help to investigate the case and seek compensation once the driver is found.

A pedestrian was hit by a car and killed and the vehicle fled the scene. The law enforcement investigation found that the accident appeared to have occurred in the overnight hours at approximately 2:30 a.m. The person’s body was not found until around five hours later. The person was discovered in the grass. The pedestrian was declared dead at the scene. Law enforcement states that the vehicle they believe to have been involved was an SUV or pickup. They believe it might be one of several different types of silver vehicles. It is thought to have extensive damage to its front with a broken headlight and damage to its side view mirror.

People who have suffered the loss of a loved one after an auto accident will need to think about many issues such as a funeral, how to get beyond the unexpected loss in a personal, financial and emotional way, and how to move forward. This is compounded when the accident has happened and it is unknown who was involved and if there were circumstances such an DUI, recklessness or distracted driving that caused it. Having legal assistance not only helps with seeking compensation in a lawsuit, but it can be useful as part of the investigation as the driver is sought and the case is investigated.

A pedestrian who was hit by what the authorities believe is a silver SUV or pickup suffered catastrophic injuries and died. Unfortunately, the driver who hit the person fled. As the investigation continues, the decedent’s family should make certain they are protected from the start by contacting an attorney who is experienced in hit and run accidents and pursuing litigation because of them.

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