Never take cash after a car accident

Texas drivers need to be careful on the road, especially during the winter. Earlier this year, the Austin Police Department reported there were 85 crashes in a single 13-hour period.

Most car accidents will result in only property damage. You may end up in a situation where the other driver wants to offer you cash to not file a claim or get the police involved. The chance to get some quick cash is a temptation you do not want to fall for; always play it safe. Contact the police, and get in touch with your auto insurance provider ASAP.

You do not know the extent of the damage

Even if there is only damage to the car, it can be tough to estimate the cost to repair everything. Interior components could have sustained damage, and you could face thousands of dollars in repair costs. If the other driver only offers $500, then you will be on the hook for anything else.

Another factor to take into consideration is potential medical bills. You may feel fine, but for anything greater than a fender bender, you need to see a doctor. Neck and brain injuries occasionally do not manifest symptoms until months later. You want to receive a full diagnosis and be confident you will be able to get everything paid for.

No money for a rental car

Even if the other driver offers enough money to cover repair costs, there are additional expenses to consider. For example, you may need to rent a car until yours is operational again. Your insurance provider covers this cost, but the other driver may not offer to pay for that.

It could be a scam

In the event the other driver hits your vehicle, he or she may attempt to run a scam on you. The other driver gives you money, you drive off and then that driver files a police report saying you committed a hit and run. Therefore, the other driver gets off the hook, and you face greater liability. Instead, you should get in touch with the police to have peace of mind.