Texas motorcycle accidents: Truck rears ends, kills biker

All drivers know that there are ever-present hazards on the American roadways. Most take continuous precautions to ensure that they are operating their vehicles in as safe a manner as possible. Many also take care to drive defensively to lessen the chances of an accident caused by the actions of other drivers. However, drivers of enclosed vehicles experience a different level of risk than motorcyclists. Riders involved in Texas motorcycle accidents face far greater odds of being severely injured or killed in crashes than the drivers of cars or trucks.

A recent accident illustrates this point. The crash occurred on a recent Wednesday evening on a Forth Worth roadway. The preliminary investigation into the incident suggests that the driver of a pickup truck, who was being chased by a police cruiser, lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a motorcyclist with whom he shared the road.

It is reported that the pickup truck struck the motorcycle from the rear. The impact was strong enough to scatter debris up to 100 yards from the crash site. The motorcyclist was killed as a result of the wreck. Police assert that the driver of the pickup truck attempted to flee the scene of the crash, but was detained by police and is now under guard at a local hospital.

As of yet, no charges have been filed in the matter, and Texas authorities have yet to release the identities of the deceased motorcyclist or the driver who struck him. As the investigation moves forward, it is likely that the driver will be face criminal allegations in a court of law. However, the family of the deceased will also have the ability to move forward with a wrongful death suit against him, should they decide to do so in the future. Successful lawsuits that stem from motorcycle accidents caused by another’s negligence can assist families in covering the cost of putting their loved one to rest, and can also help offset the loss of income if the deceased left behind dependents.

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