Family of girl killed at bus stop could file wrongful death suit

Any accident in which there is a loss of life is a tragic event, especially for the friends and family of the deceased. However, some accidents are especially hard to come to terms with. When a child is lost in a tragic accident, the shock waves are often felt throughout a community. The recent death of 11-year-old Texas girl has her community pulling together to support her family. While no criminal or civil action has taken place as of yet, many may feel that a wrongful death suit is on the horizon.

The accident took place on a recent Monday morning as the little girl was sitting on the grass on the side of the road waiting for her school bus to arrive. At approximately 7:55 a.m. a big-rig truck made a turn onto the street where the girl sat. The driver, for reasons unknown, ran over the child.

Her bus was scheduled to arrive around 8:05 a.m. The little girl died at the scene of the accident, although it is unclear whether or not she survived the initial impact. There is no indication of the presence of any parent or schoolmate with her at the time of her death.

An impromptu memorial has been growing at the scene of the crash, and parents as well as kids have been bringing tokens to represent that their thoughts are with the family. A press photo shows a young girl carrying a Hello Kitty box to lay beside a big pink stuffed animal. There can be no words to adequately describe what the family of this child is going through, nor of how they will come to terms with this tragedy in the coming weeks.

Police are still investigating the details of this accident. Regardless of whether the driver ever goes before a court to defend against a criminal charge in the incident, the family of the little girl retains the right to pursue their own Texas civil case against him. While no court outcome can heal the loss of a child, a successful wrongful death claim could provide the family with a sense of closure and justice in the case.

Source: The Daily News, “Police continue probe in fatal accident,” T. J. Aulds, Sept. 26, 2012