Charges filed in fatal Texas crash

For the families left behind when a car crash claims the life of a loved one, the period spent waiting for the investigation to be completed can seem to last a lifetime. Many families handle the initial period of grieving well, but when an investigation drags on, some have difficulties getting past the early stages of grief and into acceptance. In addition, many families choose to wait for the conclusion of an accident investigation and any subsequent criminal trials before moving forward with a wrongful death suit. The recent announcement that two men have been indicted in relation to an accident that occurred in March 2012 may come as a relief to the family of a man killed in the incident.

The crash took place in mid-March of this year when a 22-year-old driver of a Chevy pickup and the 18-year-old driver of a Nissan Sentra collided at a Texas intersection. The man killed in the incident was 56 years old, and was a passenger in the Nissan. Following the crash, the driver of the Nissan fled the scene of the accident on foot.

Police later found the man at his home, and he was subsequently transported to a local hospital for minor injuries. He was not arrested at that time. However, in mid-September he was arrested and charged in connection with the case, and he has since been released on bond.

As for the driver of the Chevy, he was also treated at a local hospital following the crash. He was later charged with manslaughter. There is no mention whether he currently remains in police custody.

As this case moves forward, details and evidence from the Texas police investigation into the car crash will likely be revealed in the criminal trials of these two drivers. Should the family of the deceased elect to move forward with a civil suit in the matter, that evidence may assist them in making their case against one or both drivers. A wrongful death suit could never make up for the loss that they have experienced, but the successful prosecution of such an action could help alleviate some of the financial constraints that they have faced since the time of the crash.

Source:, “2 men indicted on charges from March fatal wreck,” Travis Ruiz, Sept. 19, 2012