Texas car crash: 3 young people dead, 3 others injured

It is every parent’s worst nightmare; a late night notification that their child has been involved in an accident. For multiple families, that fear became reality following a tragic car crash near Mathis, Texas. Although the accident is still under investigation, preliminary reports offer a glimpse into the events that led to the death of three young people and significant injury to three others.

Investigators believe that the crash occurred around 9:30 p.m. on a recent Friday night. A Honda was reportedly travelling on Interstate 37 at speeds nearing 100 miles per hour when the 20-year-old driver apparently lost control of the car. The vehicle skidded into the median, and then became airborne, landing on top of a Volkswagen heading in the opposite direction.

The 19-year-old driver of the Volkswagen as well as an 18-year-old passenger in that vehicle died in the car crash. In addition, a passenger in the Honda, a 22-year-old male, also lost his life in the accident. Three others were transported to the hospital via helicopter, and are listed in conditions ranging from serious to critical.

As Texas police continue to piece together the events that led to this car crash, the families of the deceased are likely struggling to deal with final arrangements that no parent should ever have to consider. The families and friends of the young people involved in the crash may find answers in the final investigation report. Should that investigation suggest that the crash was due to the negligence of one of the drivers, the victims and their families may choose to move forward with wrongful death and personal injury suits against the responsible party.

Source: KRISTV.com, “Crash Kills Three Near Mathis,” Caroline Flores, Sept. 4, 2012