Birth goes terribly wrong, leads to wrongful death lawsuit

No Texas parent is adequately equipped to lose a child. The death of an infant before or during birth is especially difficult for many parents to handle, as it represents an abrupt change in the circumstances of parents who were anticipating a new arrival into their family. Such deaths happen suddenly and give family members no time to prepare. One couple lost their baby boy last year during a delivery procedure that can only be described as tragic, and have now filed a wrongful death and medical malpractice suit against the doctors and medical facilities they believe are responsible for his death.

When the mother went into labor early, the couple rushed to the hospital. Having been previously told that a natural birth was not possible due to the baby’s size, they were surprised when a doctor now told them that a vaginal birth was their only option. Feeling that no other choice was available, even when they asked to be transferred to another hospital for a C-section, the mother agreed to try a natural birth.

The result was a terrible sequence of events that began when the baby became stuck inside the woman’s body, despite the doctor applying significant force to the baby’s head. An emergency C-section became necessary, which was also unsuccessful. The mother also claims that no anesthetic was in effect at the beginning of the procedure.

This wrongful death case is certainly among the more shocking and upsetting lawsuits filed in relation to birth injury and is not something that any Texas parent wants to learn about. While the court process will likely force the parents and other family members to relive this horrific experience, a successful outcome could serve as a measure of justice for their son’s death.

In addition, while no amount of money can make up for their loss, if the couple receives a judgment that covers the costs associated with this tragedy, they may be able to focus on their grief process free from any financial burden the incident has imposed.

Source: Medical Daily, “Doctor Beheads Baby in Grisly Botched Birth and Tries to Cover it Up With C-Section, Lawsuit,” Christine Hsu, Oct. 12, 2012