Texas amusement park hit with wrongful death claim

Amusement parks are supposed to be fun and exciting. They can, however, be dangerous and leave memories that will haunt people for years. One family in Texas recently discovered just how dangerous a ride at an amusement park can be and have chosen to file a wrongful death claim against the owners.

Earlier in the year, a family lost a loved one when a woman fell from the roller coaster she was riding. It was reported that the woman made an attempt to notify the amusement park’s staff that she did not think the safety bar had properly engaged when entering the ride. Even still, after the ride started, the woman fell from the roller coaster’s seat roughly 75 feet to her death.

The amusement park immediately closed after the incident and began an investigation into what may have gone wrong. Park officials later reported that there had been no signs of faulty equipment or any malfunctions on the ride but chose not to comment further. They did, however, change the warnings and precautions of the ride. The park has recently reopened with the new warnings listed, as well as trial seats, so people can make sure that they fit properly in the seats and that the safety bar will latch properly beforehand.

As always, losing a family member can be a challenge to deal with. Though it would undoubtedly be a tough process to go through, certain actions can be taken for Texas residents who have gone through similar tragedies. The wrongful death claim the family has made against the amusement park could result in compensation that might help ease their suffering if the park is deemed responsible for the unfortunate incident.

Source: USAtoday.com, Six Flags reopens Texas Giant ride after death, No author, Sept. 14, 2013