Texas gets inspiration from girl with serious brain injury

Suffering from an injury obtained in an accident can be difficult. Coming back from that injury can be even more challenging. Brain injuries can occur in many ways, and recovering from them can be quite the challenge. Injured Texas residents can look to a young woman for their inspiration as she makes her way through a serious brain injury recovery.

A few years ago, while crossing a street near her University, a young woman was hit by a car. The accident left her with serious injuries, including some intense brain damage. She was no longer able to walk or talk as most of the injuries she sustained were to her brain. That would not hold her back from once again becoming the person she was or at least close to it. She struggled in the hospital learning how to walk and talk again.

It was recently reported that last summer the young woman began riding horseback at a local equestrian establishment that uses horse riding as a rehabilitation technique. Since the accident that left her immobile and mute, she has learned to use her legs again and can now hold a conversation. Her family and the staff at the equestrian center have recently reported that they have seen a tremendous change in the young woman since she began riding. The young woman is truly an inspiration to people in Texas, as well as to people all over the country.

When an accident caused by the negligence of others causes brain injury, or any other type of serious injuries for that matter, the outcome may not be as positive as this young woman’s. No matter the case, dealing with such an impacting situation can be difficult for not only the person injured, but their family as well. Filing claims for personal injuries can be way too overwhelming. Obtaining representation can make the process smoother and less stressful for those that are involved and can leave the family time to focus on what matters most.

Source: Huffington Post, Inspiring Girl Used Horseback Riding To Heal A Severe Brain Injury (VIDEO), Elizabeth Perle, Sept. 20, 2013