Assistant texas fire chief injured in motorcycle accident

Riding a motorcycle is much more than just a means of transportation to a lot of individuals. It can represent a lifestyle that allows people to develop strong personal bonds with others that they may otherwise have never known. Motorcyclists are at a greater risk of injury than other motor vehicle operators due to being more openly exposed to the surrounding environment. Recently, a motorcycle accident in Texas sent an assistant fire chief to the hospital with multiple injuries.

The crash occurred when the motorcycle driver was rear ended by a truck on Highway 97. The vehicle that rear ended him appeared to be a company truck. The wreck’s impact caused the rear wheel of his bike to become wedged under the truck’s chassis.

The assistant fire chief was knocked off of his bike and suffered serious injuries as a result of the crash. The accident broke his collar bone, elbow, left ankle and some of his ribs. The skin over his right triceps muscle was torn away when he scraped against the asphalt. The injured man was conscious and listed in stable condition by a local hospital that he was taken to.

Unfortunately, serious injuries such as broken bones can be a common result from a motorcycle accident. If the driver or the company owner of the truck from this story was to be found liable in civil court, then they could be facing exposure to claims for financial damages. Texas has laws in place that would allow for an individual to seek monetary damages based upon evidence of negligence. Any compensation awarded could ease some of the pain and suffering by helping to cover medical bills, lost wages and any necessary rehabilitation.

Source: Pleasanton Express, Assistant Fire Chief in motorcycle accident, Adrian Delgado, Sept. 4, 2013