Car accident injuries may not always be apparent

Car accidents range in severity, but they happen all the time. The Texas Department of Transportation collected data stating that an injury from a car accident takes place nearly once every two minutes.

The most important thing after a collision is to seek medical attention. Unfortunately, many people involved in these accidents do not seek out proper care. This happens because people feel perfectly fine after an accident, but many injuries do not manifest until after the fact. At that point, it is much more difficult to prove in court the injury is a result of the collision. Here are some common injuries that take time to develop. 

Soft tissue damage

Whiplash is a common injury experienced after accidents. It has the potential to damage nerves, ligaments, joints and discs. While some people notice the signs of whiplash immediately, other people will not notice them until days after the fact. Since the damage is internal, it may not immediately be noticeable. A doctor will perform a much more intensive exam to see if there are any injuries. 

Traumatic brain injuries

It can take days or possibly months for the symptoms of a brain injury to show. The signs of a brain injury include balance problems, vision issues and chronic headaches. People with brain injuries may also have emotional problems, such as feeling prone toward sadness, anxiety or irritability.

Emotional problems

After particularly bad car accidents, people may experience emotional trauma. It is not unheard of for people to develop anxiety, depression or PTSD following a brutal collision. These issues can take a while to develop, but it is important to have a report stating the person saw a doctor. This can help draw a link later that these mental health problems are likely a result of the incident. Even if people feel perfectly fine, they should always play it safe rather than sorry.