Eclipse glasses subject to product recall prior to event

Certain events garner attention for Texans, people across the U.S. and all over the world. When these occurrences happen, there is often a need to purchase special equipment to take part and enjoy it. Those who do so are expecting that these products are manufactured properly, advertised accurately and work as they are supposed to. If they do not and it is a known risky activity or one with potential risks and injuries occur, it could be the basis for a products liability legal filing.

All over the world, people were enthusiastically awaiting the solar eclipse. For many, witnessing this was a once-in-a-lifetime event and they wanted to experience it as intimately as possible. Of course, looking up at the sun at any time is dangerous, but doing so when there is a belief that it is safe can be even more dangerous. Such was the case with the eclipse. Companies provided special glasses to allow people to look at the eclipse, supposedly without the risk of injury. However, certain so-called “solar eclipse glasses” sold by did not meet the necessary standards and were counterfeit.

The company recalled the glasses that did not meet the necessary standards, but there is always a chance that people who purchased these glasses did not get the notification as to the danger of wearing these and looking at the eclipse. The ones that were recalled look like the legitimate ones, but do not protect the wearer from possible damage when looking at the eclipse. If there were injuries or after-the-fact realization that the glasses that were used were counterfeit, it could be the basis for a legal filing.

As the eclipse grew closer, there were anecdotal stories about people who had made the mistake of looking directly at similar occurrences in the past and done damage to their eyes – sometimes significant damage. Although Amazon recalled the items, there might still have been injury for those unaware of the recall. If there is a belief that injury occurred because of these glasses, it is important to contact a legal professional who is experienced in helping clients who have suffered consumer injury after using a defective product.

Source:, “Amazon Recalls Counterfeit Solar Eclipse Glasses,” Matt Jackson, Aug. 13, 2017