Apparent wrongful death of family prompts overdue road changes

When disaster strikes near a holiday, people may forever associate that holiday with sorrow and grief. This may be true for loved ones of a Texas family who met a tragic end on Christmas Eve. Even as they struggle to cope with the evident wrongful death of the family, loved ones may also be asking questions about the accident and why authorities did not heed many warnings about a dangerous stretch of highway.

The road includes a sharp curve that comes up without warning. A rancher whose property runs along the highway has complained to state authorities for over 10 years about the number of accidents at the curve. Not only has the man had to repair his fence numerous times after vehicles crash through it, but he has witnessed some horrific accidents and terrifying near misses. His requests for reducing the 75 mph speed limit and installing warning signs along the road went unheeded until this past Christmas Eve.

A tractor-trailer heading into the curve was unable to negotiate the turn and plowed head-on into a family of four, killing all of them. The truck driver faces four charges of criminally negligent homicide for driving too fast for conditions, although authorities have not said how fast he was going. The next day, the Texas Department of Public Safety erected a temporary warning sign and announced plans to improve safety measures on the road. Some say it is too little too late.

Those who lose loved ones in traffic accidents must deal with many emotions. They also must face practical concerns, such as paying for funerals. The most overpowering need may be dealing with the memory of the tragedy at holiday time for the rest of their lives. Those people may find consolation when they discuss a potential wrongful death case with a lawyer. A compassionate attorney will help them to explore every avenue of possible compensation to hold all responsible parties accountable for their actions or lack of action.

Source:, “Just days after fatal crash, signs put up on dangerous portion of road”, Fernando Del Valle, Dec. 28, 2016