Texas car crash claims mother, critically injures father

While many in Texas were planning holiday dinners and attending family gatherings, one family assembled with their loved ones for the funeral of their mother while standing vigil by their father’s hospital bed. The two were victims of a car crash in which the driver of the other car may be facing serious charges. As the details of the incident become known, the children of the victims are looking for answers and calling for justice.

The accident occurred when a young driver struck the couple’s car with such force that it split the car in half, sending one part crashing into a nearby parked car. The 68-year-old woman in the passenger side died at the scene, and her husband was rushed to a nearby medical center in critical condition. The husband suffered eight broken ribs and swelling in the lungs, which required doctors to place him on a ventilator. The 22-year-old driver of the other car was treated and released.

The young man had been charged with numerous drug and alcohol offenses in the past, including a DWI this past summer for which he spent a month in jail. Police have not said if he seemed to be intoxicated at the time of this accident. Witnesses say he and another vehicle may have been racing when the accident occurred. Although charges have not been filed, police say they expect the driver to face charges after the investigation is complete.

Meanwhile, the family is struggling to raise funds to cover the mounting medical bills for their father and the unexpected funeral expenses of their mother. The couple’s children have already stated their desire to hold both of the racing drivers responsible for the car crash they may have caused. Texas families in similar situations often contact an attorney for assistance in seeking compensation from those believed responsible for accidents in which their loved ones are injured or killed.

Source: statesman.com, “Driver in crash that killed Pflugerville woman had prior DWI charge“, Mike Parker, Dec. 22, 2016